Who and Where We Interview


This initiative is in its eighth year of development. It currently comprises approximately 125 multimedia teaching cases from 90 companies, 400 video interviews and almost 8000 video clips filmed on four continents, in nine countries and across dozens of industries.

We have filmied in the United States, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Bermuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong,   Australia and  throughout Canada,

Our collection currently includes entrepreneurs, owners of small and medium sized enterprises, and executives from leading global enterprises such Shell, Facebook, Google, Dell, Deloitte, Compass Group, RBC, Pepsi- Frito Lay, American Eagle Airlines, RIo Tinto, BMO Financial Group, Computer Science Corporation, Stantec, Microsoft, Toyota Motor Corporation, IBM in Japan, Suncor, and Oracle. 

We typically ask these leaders or interviewees questions about themselves, their companies and the industries within which these companies compete. We then build multimedia teaching cases from this video content.

Internationally when we pursue interviews, we typically work with the Canadian Chambers of Commerce, the Canadian Trade Commissioners Service, major Canadian banks, corporations such as Rio Tinto, commercial suppliers of Acadia University such as Compass Group and Deloitte. We also network wth parents of our students and alumni of our university.  Recently we filmed in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Iceland, Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados and of course, throughout Canada.