The AIEIS Team

Terry Aulenbach handles day to day interaction with students and other users on technical matters.

Duane Currie is a technical advisor to the project team and was also a designer of the original system. 

Vincent Grovestine wrote the code for the existing version of the platform and is the system architect.

Leigh Huestis focuses on business development and manages the contractual relationships associated with the AIEIS. She has been with the project since day 1.

Gregory MacKinnon is a Professor of Education and the is lead on researching the effectiveness of the AIEIS for teaching and learning.

Nathan Patstone is the web designer who created the look and feel of the existing platform.

Michael Sheppard is an Assistant Professor of Technology Innovation and is heavily involved in the launch of the new platform.

Dave Sheehan is our multimedia producer and is also an original member of the team.

Conor Vibert is a Professor of Business Strategy and has been involved in the creation of the platform, content and client relationships since day 1.